CMS was delighted to work with the following professional offices: Oakley Corporate Offices, Sundance Film Institute, City of Hisperia Library, Aon Corporation, Amgen Pharmaceutical Conference Center and many more.

Enhanced employee performance is only one of the benefits from a professional office suite system. Employees’ presentations come to life with the assistance of ceiling hung projectors, laptops, pop-up conference table projectors and automatic screens. Ease of operation is a must to ensure quality presentations and employees feel valued when they have state of the art equipment at work. Doctors relax patients with soothing music and kids are kept busy in waiting rooms with TV’s and video gaming centers.  Teach clients about your products with call waiting features and waiting room infomercials. Studies have shown that an entertained client does not notice the wait time whether in the dentist chair or waiting room. We are mindful of budgets and recommend products that give you the biggest return on your investment. Both your employees and clients will thank you.