Why are your customers going through the drive-thru? Because they want fast, accurate service that gets them on their way. Get the drive-thru segment of your business up and running fast.  When you provide drive-thru services, your audio system represents your business and your brand.  Effective communications are key to a positive experience for your drive-thru customers.  Poorly functioning speakers and muffled microphones can damage your customer’s experience and get in the way of providing your customers with accurate orders. By providing your customers with the ability to communicate in a timely, clear and precise way on a state-of-the-art system, you are creating the positive first impression you want that will keep them coming back.

Comfortable, hands-free headsets increase productivity. Service timers focus your employees on prompt service.  Streamlined ordering systems increase efficiency — and all of these options mean more profit that you can use to grow your business.


Our designers and technicians will learn about the demands of your drive-thru traffic and listen to your budget restrictions.  By understanding your needs, we can make recommendations to fulfill each of your requirements and ultimately install the best professional system for your business.

We work with top-of-the-line products and systems manufactured by Panasonic, 3M, and HME.  Whatever challenges you may face with your drive-thru systems, we have the solution. If you are currently experiencing interference from microwave ovens, cellular phones, and wireless network routers, we can provide you with a brand new and improved system that operates on a restricted 1.9 GHz Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications band. If you have a dual drive-thru, we can offer a system to keep you organized.

Get faster, more accurate orders, improved communications, and better service for your customers with the help of our drive-thru wireless communication systems. Email one of our drive-thru system experts at Service@CompleteMusicSystems.com and we will come out to take a look. Until you hear how well a new system works, you do not know what you are missing.


As drive-thru systems age, you may need replacement parts.  As your business continues to grow, you may need to add accessories to address the increasing customer demand.

We sell accessories such as headphones, order taker modules, batteries, chargers, loop detectors, menu board speakers, timers, back-up hard wired intercoms, and grill speakers to support on-going service.  We want to ensure that your customers are successfully accessing the drive-thru at all times during your business day.

Whether you need a new system, or need someone to work on your existing system, our service center is open 24/7.  We know how important the drive-thru is to your overall business strategy.  Call our Service department at 661-373-9589 or email Service@CompleteMusicSystems.com to learn more about our drive-thru options.