Eloy Aguilar is the owner of Complete Music Systems. He was born in Detroit, Michigan. He first worked as an engineer at rock station, WLLZ. While he enjoyed the status of the position, he had to pay the bills. As his mother, Rosa, said, “Be responsible and settle down.”

He landed at Comcast and later Muzak where he honed his skills and gradually grew to handle larger, more complex jobs to include houses of worship, malls and theaters. His wife led him to California where he held positions in customer service, project management and engineering for hotel chains, corporate offices and eateries.

It was time to take his knowledge, experiences, and connections and make a name for himself. Complete Music Systems was created in 2006, expanded in 2014 and he has never looked back. It has been a great ride and Eloy invites you to continue the journey one creative project after another.