From design to installation and service, we are with you every step of the way.


CMS has had the honor of working with the following entertainment establishments:
B.J.’s Restaurant, P.F. Chang’s, Wood Ranch BBQ, Claim Jumper, Tommy’s Burgers and many more.

Nothing says entertain me like background music specifically chosen for your customer or TV’s broadcasting news, sporting events or music videos all dialed in for who you serve. The first impression, even before the food, tee-time or massage, is the ambiance.



CMS had the pleasure of working with the following retail stores:
Macy’s, Urban Outfitters, A-X Armani Exchange, Forever 21, Bristol Farms, Glendale Galleria and many more.

You know it is not just about running in and picking up a little something. It is about strolling the aisles, trying on clothes or pricing the goods. It is an afternoon with girlfriends, an outing with the kids or getting grandma out for a stroll. In any case, it is about atmosphere.



CMS was delighted to work with the following professional offices:
Oakley Corporate, Sundance Film Institute, Hesperia Library, Aon Corporate, Washington Mutual and many more.

Enhanced employee performance is only one of the benefits of a professional office suite system. Employees’ presentations come to life with the assistance of ceiling hung projectors, laptops, pop-up conference table projectors and automatic screens.


Any audio/video professional will tell you that he remembers “that job.” The one that you thought would never get done in time or stay within budget or have the sound and sights you envisioned but then it did.  And that job is always conjured up over a beer with fellow contractors, or at a convention booth or well, while talking with a potential client.

  • It is the P.A. system with wireless microphones for Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. Blazing a trail through 6’ drifts of snow in Detroit to make sure the Christmas pageant would go on as scheduled.
  • The time we carried all the audio/video equipment in ski lifts to reach the summit in Big Bear Lake, CA. The skiers applauded when we unloaded without stopping the chair lift and they could watch their sports channels at the lodge.
  • How about the dump truck that took out the drive-thru system at a McDonald’s? We worked through the night to install a new system so that all the drive-thru Egg McMuffin orders were completed, and took bets on the time the first customer would pull in at sunrise.
  • The grand opening of a celebrity owned up-scale restaurant quickly turning from an elegant, sedate evening to a dance party. We made that happen with the transformative power of the sound and video systems.

These stories represent customers that were moved, served or entertained.  The atmosphere we create together will enhance your customer’s experience. It’s what we do and we have a lot of fun doing it. Give us a call for a free consult.  You’ll be glad you did.